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I was ed recently by Canadian furniture and home decor company Urban Barn to partake in a blogger contest involving chairs, a competition, an auction and charities. I don’t think there’s much in the works publicly yet, although check it out on Twitter via the hashtag #customchairitycompetition. Due to this competition I had to pay my local Urban Barn store a visit last week. Of course, I could not leave empty handed (this is why I try and avoid home decor stores – I can’t stop myself). I picked up a few things, including one sale item I could NOT pass up…yet another freaking lamp (it was half price! 89!). This one is so cool I had to have it, even though I have to box it up and store in my basement until the new house materializes.

The shade is MASSIVE (2′ long and 2′ wide at the bottom) and drapey which I adore, and the tripod base is cool.

This crinkly STUFF basket came in 3 sizes. I snapped up the middle one for $14. I realize now I have a basket addiction.

My frame/pegboard jewelry holder has reached it’s capacity so I thought a new necklace/bracelet holder would be useful (by Umbra for $17).

Everytime I stop in at Urban Barn I always leave with some sort of vase-like object. They have really funky ones, and no I did not need another but they had 3 vases that looked like crushed cans or bottles so I picked up the little one that looked like a pop can for $6.

Those were my purchases. Now the fun with tape part. I was flipping through a magazine recently and saw a vase that looked like it was covered in shredded strips of black fabric. It suddenly came to me to try and wrap some cheapie dollar store vases in black hockey tape….I guess because hockey tape has a sort of fabric-like texture to it. I found a huge tub of ModPodge in my office the other day so I suppose I could have just tried gluing fabric strips but whatever, hockey tape seemed alot easier. I went to a really brutal dollar store near me yesterday and this was all I could find that would work.

My husband grabbed the first vase and a roll of tape and got to work while I taped up the second one. I think they turned out pretty good, but I have to admit I like my haphazard method better.

Random on a Sunday

Posted on Sun, 27 Nov 2011 by KiM

Hey folks. Things are a little nuts here at casa di cats so I thought I’d just show you some of what I’ve been doing lately. Hope you don’t mind.
First, I published a post on my page yesterday on the subject of something not interior design related but do have a looksie here because I think it’s pretty cool.
Second, Jo shared a post last weekend of her office, so I thought I’d share a bit of mine. You see, my husband moved in to what is now OUR house a year ago last May and we attempted to share the tiny office at the back of the house. That did not go over so well so I relocated to the only other available space – the dining table in the middle of the kitchen. My laptop and I have been there ever since. Kind of annoying but hopefully this time next year I will have a fantastic office on the third level of our new house (more on that shortly). Anyway, I took some photos of my “new office” a while ago and thought I’d share some of them. Of course, they feature some of our fur children. Consider this a prelude to tomorrow’s Pets on furniture feature. 😉

Here is a shot of the kitchen with my laptop in “my spot”. In this one Mimin is on the table in her basket (made out of old tires), Felix is on the Panton chair, Milo is slightly visible behind the chair, and Felix is to the left (the others were napping).

Here’s a cute one of Felix looking up at me and Mimin wanting some love.

Here is the same cast of characters as the first shot, but Edgar and Milo switched spots.

After the jump, I’ve got something I’ve been working on with my husband when I’m not blogging or studying French. Our plans for our new house. A little recap (for those who don’t know what’s going on, and I frankly can’t remember what I’ve mentioned of this here): In the spring my husband and I started planning renovations to our 925 sq ft house which included a large addition and reworking the upper floor (see posts here and here). Work was supposed to start early summer….then late summer….then fall….and it was when we got feedback from the city that we discovered the architect our builder had set us up with had no freaking clue about the rules of building houses here in Ottawa and the plans we had submitted were essentially garbage. (We were really sorry to see the designs that our designers Dylan and Thu had created for us go to waste). We decided to scrap the architect, the builder, the plans – everything – and start fresh. Really fresh. We decided to tear the house down and rebuild. My husband and I managed to come up with some drawings (done by hand) that we think may work (based on a few phone calls with the city). Considering that I am a programmer and my husband is a network administrator and we’ve never designed a house before, we are slightly clueless so I’d love to get your thoughts. 🙂 And for reference, the plans are loosely based on this home I blogged last month.

Random on a Sunday

Posted on Sun, 11 Sep 2011 by KiM

I spent yesterday at my sister’s cottage, enjoying what is likely the last decent weekend of the summer (although I did have jeans and a hoodie on for most of the day…this time of year is SO depressing). This means I did not have time to get a blog favourites post ready. Instead, I thought I would just keep this random with some items I have on hand.

First up, some photos I took Friday since I had the day off work and decided to spend a couple minutes rearranging some pieces in my living room. I LOVE this lamp that I bought at Homesense a while back and have had it crammed in a corner of my bedroom since it came home with me. I decided to move it next to the front door alongside my black Eames leather side chair, and switch out my Mexican tin mirror with my huge beaded rosary (also picked up in Mexico). Nothing too exciting but with no renovations on the horizon for this year I’m back to giving a sh*t what my house looks like. Because that Eames chair is a favourite of Felix, he has claimed the chair in the majority of these photos.

Despite the following action being out of focus, I thought it was hilarious that I managed to capture a little brawl.

Remember Tom’s fabulous apartment that I blogged on Wednesday? Well, his apartment was filmed for a promotional video for his building and he just received a link to it on YouTube. Check it out!

One last quick item: Yesterday I came across the following photo of a kitchen that I found rather odd. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an island shaped like this before. I’m thinking a large rectangular (read ‘normal’) island would have made more sense…

via Period Living

My dressing room

Posted on Wed, 11 May 2011 by KiM

I FINALLY completed work on my dressing room and I thought I’d share it with you all now…there was a slight sense of urgency to this post because if we do the renovations on our house that we’re planning, that room is going to be demolished. *SIGH* For that reason I did not quite finish this room as I would like (ie. I wanted to dip dye the bottoms of the curtains, considered mod podging vintage wallpaper over the table in the center etc.) What’s the point since I have no clue what I’ll do in my new dressing room (which will have more space). So it’s as done as it’s ever going to get. And I’m so happy to have the space for my clothes (and my husband’s), although it does mean we cannot have overnight guests because it’s the only other bedroom besides the master. But a girl has got to have her priorities straight (particularly when it comes to clothes/shoes). LOL

Here are some before/during photos I had to show as this was a quite a bit of work, slowly over about a year. This first photo is the only one I have that shows most of the fairly small room (6’11″x12’6″), taken right after I moved in.

After that I decided to paint the room teal, which turned out to be a dumb idea in such a small room because it became very dark, despite the fact that there’s a fairly large window (I blogged it once here – it was so hard to photograph I don’t have many photos of that first transformation – but some are on Flickr here). With the newest version of the space, the closet was torn out (the doors were heavy pieces of wood that drove me INSANE), the walls were patched up, ugly-ass laminate floor was removed and new maple hardwood was installed (clickable – so thankfully we can reuse if we want in the new space). Here are a couple photos of the closet and floor demo:


And here is a photo of the new floor right after we installed it:

Some new baseboards, paint, rods and shelving installed, curtains (to close off the clothing storage; I kept my existing windows curtains), accessories and voila, a useful and kinda cute dressing room. A whole bunch of photos of the new room are after the jump. But here’s a quick peek:

Sources: white curtains – Ikea * rods and shelving – Home Depot * laundry basket – Umbra * island/table – Ikea (Lyckhem) * flooring – Kultur * light fixure – eBay * Eames Hang-It-All – Gabriel Ross * frame with jewelry – made with vintage frame, pegboard from Home Depot, hooks from Home Hardware * tray on desk – purchased in Mexico * locker baskets, burlap basket, ikat curtain fabric – Etsy * row of baskets inside closet on shelf – Ikea

Exterior house plans

Posted on Tue, 3 May 2011 by KiM

Things are moving along with the plans for my house – and on Sunday night I was ecstatic to find an email from designers Dylan and Thu (of Vok Design Group) with their ideas for the exterior. (For a recap, check out this post of the interior plans). Before I show you their mock-ups of the exterior, I snapped some quick pics of the exterior yesterday evening when I realized I had no decent photos (probably because the exterior is slightly embarassing it’s so freaking ugly and boring) that I should share.

BLEH. So uninspiring. Wait until you see this….

Here are some details regarding the materials etc.:

* dark stained lap siding or a painted hardi board lap siding, with a grey stucco above divided by a darker stucco band
* fascia and canopy are clad in a dark aluminum to match the stained siding
* windows are shown as an anodized aluminum finish
* between the front façade windows is an aluminum paneling detail in the anodized aluminum which will give the impression of one large window (similar detail on the corner windows in the new addition)
* corner windows have been set back into the wall to really emphasize the corner window detail
* door is a solid wood door with a v-groove profile
* western red cedar in a clear stain for the soffit beneath the entrance canopy and the accent pieces on the right corner as well as on between the windows on the front façade (square cut with a ½” space between the boards to create a ‘reveal’ affect in the cedar)
* for the roofline on the addition, we have come off the existing fascia line and made the peak towards the back of the home, keeping the top of the new peak in line with the existing peak and mimicking the low roof slope on the original home

So what do you guys think? We’re meeting with the designers and hopefully our architect on Thursday so feedback would be appreciated. 🙂