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Eclectic with textures and art

Posted on Thu, 9 Aug 2018 by KiM

An extensive collection of bold artwork. An eclectic assortment of vintage furniture. This home is checking some boxes of my favourites list. The client was excited by the 30’s California canyon vibe of the house but wished for more connectivity and comfort throughout. We took the opportunity to open walls and create more fully connected spaces. The variety of living areas within the house provided the fortunate occasion for a diverse palette of textures, materials and forms to furnish the rooms. A collectors environment emerged that blends 17th century to mid 19th century furniture and art. The house is an eclectic yet completely familiar and inviting place to call home. By Seattle-based design studio . (Photos: ​)

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A Park Avenue apartment

Posted on Fri, 3 Aug 2018 by KiM

Elegant, sophisticated and unmatched attention to detail is what comes to mind while I drool over the photos of this glorious Park Avenue residence by . That photo above has me completely mesmerized.

Want more? Lisa featured the Hudson home of David Mann (the founding partner) recently here

Habachy Designs

Posted on Wed, 1 Aug 2018 by KiM

It has been years since we have featured some spaces designed by (here and here). It appears that in almost 10 years he still remains true to his signature style – as Lisa had put it, it’s glamorous and broody, high end and hedonistic, OTT and fab. I would say he has toned things down a bit, and gone a bit less OTT and a bit more elegant, and not quite so dark. In the end it is more liveable and easy on the eye.

An Airbnb in Prague

Posted on Thu, 26 Jul 2018 by KiM

Bára is devoted reader of our blog from the Czech Republic (or Czechia) and dabbles in interior design as a hobby. She recently completed this project and I had to share because it’s the cutest little pad, the colours she chose are stunning, and I’d love to stay here! I recently remodelled (on a tight budget) this small apartment in an Art Nouveau building in Prague to serve as an airbnb. We had to leave the kitchen cupboards and bathroom without major changes, but at least applied black “sticker” on the fridge and backsplash tiles. It’s so cozy and I love the drama of the dark wall colours and the mural. Find the listing .


An apartment in Stockholm that is not white!

Posted on Sun, 1 Jul 2018 by KiM

I spotted this Stockholm apartment on the website and had to share because it is not painted white!!! The homeowner, , did some work reconfiguring the very small apartment along with coming up with quite a beautiful colour palette. The space is still a bit oddly configured with the kitchen now placed in a hallway, and the former kitchen turned into the bedroom (the bedroom used to be included in the living room), but it’s got the necessities and I wouldn’t want to sleep in my living room either.  I am so in love with the colours she chose – a ‘rose-red’ in the foyer (Whispering Red from Lisatun), ‘dirt pink’ in the living room (Light Peach Blossom from Little Greene) and lots of dark grey (Lisatun’s Vallmofrö, Picky Living’s 4502-y). Photos: .


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