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Posted on Sun, 30 Jun 2019 by KiM

I’m always on the hunt for new art for my home, so I was stoked when the folks from (a start-up based in France who just launched in the UK) ed me recently. My absolute favourite medium is photography so this was right up my alley as they offer a wide range of fine art quality photographs in limited editions. The themes of their art are broad – wildlife, movies, vintage, landscape, street, sport, and many more including my favourite – architecture. I selected the photo above for my upcoming living room refresh. It’s a limited edition of 30 titled by photographer Strec Gil from Metz, France. I chose 90x60cm and it was sent to me unframed (they offer framing) so off I went to Ikea and chose what ended up being a really terrible quality frame (the Lomviken, but I guess at $35 I deserved a frame that barely stayed together and bowed in the middle, though maybe because I could not use the mat?). It is printed on beautiful pigment baryta paper and I was very pleased with how sharp the photo turned out. I’m excited to get my new sofa and rug and see it all in place. Thanks !

While on the subject of art, I had to share this absolutely stunning home of painter in Lake Como. Aurel’s abstract art is gorgeous in his home, particularly the resin-finished pieces against the chalk?lime? painted walls. (And those hex tile floors!!!) Breathtaking! Via , photos by Mads Mogensen

Suzanne Melton says:

When the first image appeared on my screen, my thought was, “Cool! Li found a designer with her own design esthetic!”

Beautiful photo and it works so well in your home.

KiM says:

LOL!!! Thanks Suzanne!!

Sorry I don’t want a photo–I want that ceiling! Actually I want that entire building, but I would be happy with just the ceiling.

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