Dreamy spaces in Canadian homes

Posted on Fri, 22 Feb 2019 by KiM

magazine is a favourite of mine and has been for as long as I can remember, so I find their website is a wonderful source for fabulously designed Canadian homes. I thought I would share some that have caught my eye recently.

design: Richard Ouellette, ; photo: André Rider; feature:

design: Elle Patille of ; photo:Robin Stubbert; feature:

design: Christine Ralphs for Lloyd Ralphs Design; photo: Virginia Macdonald; feature:

design: Julie Charbonneau; photo: Virginia Macdonald; feature:

design: Montana Burnett; photo: Virginia Macdonald; feature:

design: Whitney Keeley, Absolutely Inc.; photo: Robin Stubbert

design: Lisa Lev; photo: Alex Lukey; feature:

design:Youssef Hasbani; photo:Virginia Macdonald; feature:

design: Judith Gougeon; photo: Maxime Desbiens or Angus McRitchie; feature:

photo:Li Jeffery; feature:

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