Dumbo Loft

Posted on Fri, 5 Oct 2018 by midcenturyjo

Becca Casey of blends the reclaimed with refined and the ordinary with ornamental. Greenwich, Connecticut based interior designer has played with light and texture against a monochromatic palette in this small Dumbo loft space that makes up in style for what it lacks in square footage. Comfortable and chic like a well loved cashmere sweater. A perfect retreat from the hectic big city life.

Dana says:

Hi! Does anyone know where I could find the metal shelves in the living room? Thanks!

Peggy says:

Dana, did you try Restoration Hardware?

Rainy says:

I like the yellow S&P shakers. Why is there a wood pile in a non-working fireplace? Even if it’s working the wood is in the way of a fire. 😉 I guess some things are too ‘artsy’ for me. Haha!

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