An apartment in Stockholm that is not white!

Posted on Sun, 1 Jul 2018 by KiM

I spotted this Stockholm apartment on the website and had to share because it is not painted white!!! The homeowner, , did some work reconfiguring the very small apartment along with coming up with quite a beautiful colour palette. The space is still a bit oddly configured with the kitchen now placed in a hallway, and the former kitchen turned into the bedroom (the bedroom used to be included in the living room), but it’s got the necessities and I wouldn’t want to sleep in my living room either.  I am so in love with the colours she chose – a ‘rose-red’ in the foyer (Whispering Red from Lisatun), ‘dirt pink’ in the living room (Light Peach Blossom from Little Greene) and lots of dark grey (Lisatun’s Vallmofrö, Picky Living’s 4502-y). Photos: .

Christine says:

And yet the colours feel quite… scandinavian 😛 Beautiful place!
The idea of the hallway kitchen is indeed scary, but it looks quite ‘workable’. Since this is a two-people place at most, traffic should not be an issue while one cooks. Overall I think it is quite ingenious, especially as this was quite a large hallway for such a small space.

atma says:

Interesting solution and good colours. That room is like apricot grew up, became sophisticated and likeable!

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