Not so mellow yellow

Posted on Tue, 3 May 2016 by KiM

An easy way to add some drama to your home is with colour. Yellow is the happiest colour of all so why not paint your kitchen chairs/stairs/buffet yellow, or tile your bathroom yellow, or have your entire staircase fabricated in yellow…

Lisacelyn says:

Okay that staircase is amazing but I LOST IT looking at that first kitchen – how WICKED! And the chairs in the second kitchen (not to mention the art)! Li – you're killing me!

Wow <3

Gabriella says:

I LOVE all of this yellow! That bathroom tile is serious perfection. I love how bright it is!

Ruth says:

soooo fun

lacomfy says:

Wow! I like yellow! Thank you for this article!

Edo says:

Beautiful…which is yellow Panton?

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