A second look

Posted on Thu, 6 Aug 2015 by KiM

I get excited when I come across photos of a home we have featured, but a different rendition. It’s interesting to see how homes evolve with with time. This is the home of Spanish decorator , that Lisa featured back in 2012. This time around it is more grey than brown, and a bit darker overall. I think I prefer this version, as I am a sucker for grey and black.

domartstyl says:


Jared Hayden says:

That man is King of the Vignette. Superb.

oh Holland says:


Lisaan says:

Should be in a scary movie!

Ann says:

ADORING the walls in this place — do you think they have a layer of concrete or…what? What might have been done to them to give them this look? Looks like concrete to me…love it.

KiM says:

there are paints/plasters out there to give the look of raw concrete. (ie. pure-original.com has one called marrakech walls that gives a matt concrete look)

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