A 19th century Brooklyn tenement turned brownstone

Posted on Fri, 27 Mar 2015 by KiM

One of the blog posts I had done while I was down south was about architecture firm Creative Renovations. It seems some of the photos I had featured of a sparse townhome in Red Hook, Brooklyn, have since been transformed into an eclectic and stunning home. worked on this project with architect and his wife, interior designer . The 19th century six-family tenement was a diamond in the rough, and when purchased had already been almost entirely gutted.

Lacking any character, it was repurposed into a single family home with a first floor apartment. Rafe and Heidi went a traditional route with the decor, with some loft-like qualities and a maritime theme (it is a few blocks from the waterfront). At first I was a bit put off by the somewhat odd colourful trim detail….

But with the furnishings in place – an eclectic blend of traditional and mid-century, it makes complete sense. It was an inexpensive way to add an architectural feature and make it pop. Just the right amount of quirkiness. (Photos: Lisahn Gruen)

Carol says:

Something about that huge fish painting paired with leopard print pillows strikes my fancy!

Lumar Interiors says:

Love the kitchen and that wood coffee table. Great taste. At first the orange trim was a turn off but then once the furniture was added it worked great!

thelady says:

that's not a brownstone

KiM says:

you're right, I should have just called it a townhouse

M says:

sorry, that orange trim has got to go.

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