Lakeside classic

Posted on Tue, 21 Oct 2014 by midcenturyjo

I was going to write about the juxtaposition of the drama of a site and the mundane of everyday living but then I read the architect’s descriprtion and it was just so right…

Holidays beside the waters edge, water skiing and trout fishing, are wonderful memories for families. The bach is a keeper of these memories, which are at stake when work is done to preserve and update it. 

It was a process of saving and improving, of folding in another layer of history in a way that would not obliterate the past. The result is a nest of humble kiwi buildings, some parts new some original, that will now cope admirably with the demands of the future.

Lakeside classic, Tarawera, New Zealand by .

megan says:

LOVE the black house with white trim in a lush, green setting. Nice lines. If only I didn't live in hot hot Texas, I'd have a black home in a heartbeat!

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