Stalking reality TV episode 2

Posted on Mon, 22 Sep 2014 by midcenturyjo

Welcome to my second reality TV stalking. Brothers Shannon and Simon’s apartment this time. For those of you who don’t know the contestants start with a fixed budget and vouchers from certain suppliers/sponsors. Each week they compete to complete the best room, winning more money to help with following rooms. No wins and the budget gets tight by the end of the build. What starts as high end may rapidly drop to low. See more over on . In the meantime the real estate listing is while it lasts.

Lisahanne says:

It's a really lovely place. The mood and quality is consistent. Slightly masculine and not at all family friendly but I've got a feeling that some rich gay boys are going to love it and they are going to do extremely well at auction!

oegonbird says:

I'm going to live in fear of seeing that painting ever again. I'm damaged by that.

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