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Posted on Wed, 21 May 2014 by KiM

I love art that is in your face. I particularly enjoy large scale photography that is very graphic in nature. I figure if you are going to stick some art on your walls, make it large, bold and eye-catching, and encourage questions from visitors (like “what in the hell?!”). Here is a collection of photographs I found in my stash that feature some pretty fantastic art (IMHO).

 – OMG I want this!!!



my favourite of all time, blogged a few times here…

If you’re looking for an online resource for artwork, has everything you could ask for in every medium fathomable, and they even carry original paintings!

jane says:

WONDERFUL POST! Thank you! So many lovely pieces of art.

julie says:

Another excellent site for limited series prints is

oregonbird says:

I'm going to be PC, and remind everyone that Charles Saatchi is the owner of Saatchi art… we all know what he's been up to. From there, it's your decision! If 99 out of 100 soft, gentle, politely-sized works of wallpaperish art were to disappear, would we truly miss them?

Monika says:

I'm jealous of Julianne Moore's Thomas Struth photograph from his Paradise series*. And the mysterious turquoise leather bar stools (source??) in the garden level kitchen in her brownstone. But that is another story, and another post.

* it's on the wall of the front entrance in her brownstone; in her loft, it was in the dining area.

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