More loft love

Posted on Sun, 24 Nov 2013 by KiM

OMG how I love this loft!!! It is a former carpet store located in Barcelona, 170 m2 of absolute dreaminess and is rented out as a location space. Those massive black framed windows are so beautiful and create so much light. How bit sad that the entire ceiling was painted white though. Via .

letizia says:

its all so lovely! I love the book shelves!

jane says:

Gorgeous place!! Those windows make me green with envy ^_^
Thanks for posting!

OMG… somebody has just climbed into my head and created my dream space… *sigh* love, love, love xxx

peggy says:

Gorgeous. Love all the white. Jealous of the Steel case desk. But…it's almost too well designed. It needs something surprising.

Stephanie says:

This place is a dream! x

The Student says:

Indeed. I could find a place like this only in my dreams. I hope that i would find a similar loft in Gainsville to.

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