Wrightson Stewart

Posted on Mon, 27 May 2013 by midcenturyjo

Brisbane based interior design firm create sleek, stylish, masculine spaces, clean lined and contemporary. Their work is sharp like a well honed knife cutting through the frou frou and excessive. Unless you like your minimalist luxury in excess that is. With their latest design for a Teneriffe Warehouse Apartment shortlisted for both the and (and coming soon to , right guys?) principals Steven Stewart and Ian Wrightson have shared images of their inner city studio and a pop up bar for the La Boite Theatre with us to whet our appetites until the awards are announced.

Shirley says:

So graphic in the use of color. The pop up bar could be permanent. Very cool light.

Ben76 says:

Love this. It is so me.

nadia says:

love it!

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