Somerset Place

Posted on Fri, 17 May 2013 by KiM

Dahlings, check out this wonderful structure in Bath (in the county of Somerset in South West England) that was designed in 1790. spectacular example of Georgian architecture (designed by Lisahn Eveleigh) is about to be restores into a series of luxury residences (ranging from 3,100 to 5,700 sq ft). The grandeur of those windows is to die for, and I’d absolutely want to keep as much of the original finishes intact as possible – LOVE the walls with all that history showing through. I wouldn’t even paint! This is my dream home. (More info on the if you want to snap one up for yourself!)

sarah hudson says:

Holy Crap! I love all of it … what a find. I'll move in with you

I so love the minimalistic style yet so classy and elegant. The colors are great! Very soothing.

Lisa Cardiff says:

Faaaaaaaaaaaaar out! Amazing! Lots of DG going on and I like it!

Mig says:

I would be happy there!!

Colleen says:

Oh my God, I LOVE it. There's at least two Jane Austen books partially set in Bath. I always imagine the characters walking along this row of houses. Dream house, indeed.

Jenny says:

To die for! All that's needed is a Captain Wentworth!

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