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Posted on Fri, 5 Apr 2013 by KiM

The starts today (WOHOO!!!) and I’ll be heading over later this afternoon to devour every square inch before it opens as the lovely organizers have asked me to put a badge on all of my favourite items. SO FUN!!! I’ll try and remember to snap some photos of the goodies too. I’ll hope to be around for the opening, and I’ll be heading back tomorrow with a bunch of my family in the hopes I can convince them to buy some cool vintage pieces! There’s nothing like the thrill of the hunt when going to shows like this or thrift and antique shops and flea markets. And as I always say, there’s nothing like mixing vintage finds with modern pieces for that unexpected juxtaposition of eras and styles. Totally my bag. So in honour of the show I went through some of my photo stash and found photos of spaces with vintage pieces that I love. Enjoy, happy Friday, and those of you in O-town, come on out to the show!

Enid D says:

What an outstanding collection here! I totally adore almost every one! Thanks very much for this. You design inspired my day.

Just pinned nearly everything on your page. Great collection of photos. Very Pinspiring!

Ottawa alternagrrl says:

Just came back and I loved your picks! One of them is identical to a piece I already have in my front hallway….I'll try to send it as a pets on furniture. Great show…..

KiM says:

@Oa – yes pls do send a pic! Given that I am still in my tiny house I managed to not purchase any big items but WOW did I want to! (My husband bought me a leather doctor's bag and I bought a modernist necklace – pics to come here and on I'm going back today with my sisters and parents so who knows what I might but this time around….

Ottawa alternagrrl says:

I also bought an amazing statement necklace….but was able to hold back from anything else. The vintage industrial pieces you picked were really great. Those modernist necklaces were really cool, and I confess I really wanted to ask them how much the Hermes scarves were…. Oooooh have fun today with your family.

KiM says:

I ended up buying more jewelry from this morning – they didn't have Hermes scarves (that must have been the booth by the entrance).

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