Amelia Handegan

Posted on Tue, 16 Oct 2012 by KiM

In keeping with the traditional theme I started earlier today, let me introduce you to Charleston, South Carolina interior designer . She has had the pleasure of working on several of Charleston’s nationally recognized historic homes. Her mostly traditional decor is elegant yet comfortable and liveable, and I am smitten with the rustic cabins she designed. Really simple and really soothing. Lovely spaces.

Sparky says:

Love that porch in the photo before the jump.

My new interior designer crush! Such beautiful interiors!

Danielle says:

I love the heavy use of wood that features in Amelias productions. The rustic four poster bed is great!

I first met Amelia in the late 80s and have worked on more projects with her than I can immediately recall.

There's , , in Charleston, , also in Charleston, and a big mural in , N.Y. just to name a few.

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