Big, bold lettering

Posted on Fri, 5 Oct 2012 by KiM

Every now and then I mention my love for graphic elements in a space. Large letters (or numbers) is one such method of adding something bold and graphic to a room. Whether they be vintage from a marquee or new cut from wood I think it’s a decor element that is fun and in your face. I’ve got some vintage gas station numbers I found on Etsy that I used in my bedroom (photo below) but I’d love something much bigger eventually. So here are some examples…

my bedroom

And always a favourite of mine, from …

A good place for letters…Anthropologie! I'm always tempted to pick up a "D" or "L." Michael's also carries an assortment of monogrammed letters that could easily be spray-painted over or left alone.

So bold, so effective!

I love lettering too. Been looking for just the right font and size for a while but still can't find what I want.

Lisaey says:

I love the rooms with just a single oversized letter. You really don't see that often. I'm so used to seeing words like "Eat" in the kitchen.. which is a bit lame in my opinion.

Love it kim! We recently changed the art in our living room and printed a large "L". Just editing the pictures right now.. E-mail you to show you for fun!

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