Tim Street-Porter

Posted on Mon, 30 Jul 2012 by KiM

Loas Angeles photographer is a freaking genius with a camera. His photos are stunning – perfect composition and lighting. He makes each space come to life and has you take a second look. Lucky guy…he has shot some pretty spectacular homes.

Priya says:

I was wondering if anyone could tell where I coud find the black and white print of the crowded train station (which is hanging on the kitchen wall in the 4th photograph. I do happen to know it is a picture of VT Station in Mumbai. I just want to know who took the picture and where I could get it? I f anyone cn answer this, lease writ to me. Thanks. Best regards.

Tracey says:

Priya, you can go on and maybe you'll find it. If you can't find it there then maybe here .

Great print for that kitchen!

The third picture looks just like my house, I love all of the photos

anne davis says:

Does anyone notice the MAJOR mistake in the kitchen photo? The one with the stainless steel frig? Hint – it has to do with the frig.

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