Craig Steely

Posted on Mon, 28 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Clean modernist lines address the site and explore the relationship between the inside and out. , based in San Francisco and Hawaii, explores what is possible, sustainable and stylish. If a site is a challenge then Steely not only accepts the challenge but his solutions are elegant and environmentally sound. Steep sites in San Francisco, modern renewal of old houses needing more than just a face lift and homes taking root in lava flows. It’s about respecting a space and building a future, and a home, from there.

tehmina says:

no doubt these architectural design are very stylish and elegant

Loulou Ste-Adele says:

Fabulous. If I ever have money to overhaul my house, I would hire this architect. I sense a profound respect for what exists and the more I look, the more I find astucious ideas.

Martina says:

i really like these houses—-

christa says:

These places are beautiful. I like the big steel Xs on the windows of the lava house. I have been wanting that very thing for my house (earthquake retrofit) but have never seen it done before.

AMR says:

Someone else posted the same idea…I thought of your renovation Li when I saw the above 3-4 storey house. I really like the idea of the covered (sheilded from rain and no shovelling) stairs up to a second level main entrance and wrap-around decks on the upper two levels. Have the garage and a workshop/office on the bottom level. Also! With a garage on the main level and your house taking up the full width of your property, put garage doors on the front and back of the house…for unloading things/gardening supplies/whatever into the back yard.

KiM says:

AMR – the garage can't open into the backyard because the yard slopes up towards the back of the property. Great idea though!

I'm totally inspired by these pics.

James says:

First I want give a big hand of applause to the architect well design and intelligent use of materials to give a elegant and stylish look.

Really Outstanding, I am loving it It make my industrial heart neat faster!

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