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I have no uncles. If I did I’d want him to be just like . Ok that was a pretty sappy intro but you must admit it’s a memorable name for a design studio. Toronto based create modern spaces that are light, bright and fun. Too many people think minimalism is cold, hard and rigid. Lighten up! Minimalism is about being resourceful, creative, clever. What I wouldn’t give for a soak in that tub!




great photos, like the use of wood throughout the portfolio.

Priscilla says:

Wow, killer house. Bang, I’m dead. Seriously.

Tanneke says:

Mixing nice materials and some wonderful mid-century modern pieces. Thanks for posting!

Ruth says:

Lovely! Modern and warm, that’s difficult to pull off because it looks so easy!

RLG says:

you are my favorite blog for resources to my dream spaces — clean, modern, uncluttered. these pictures are bang on. great post! xoxo

Tanya says:

I agree. I have uncles but still want them to like 3rd Uncle

Cristina says:

Great choice of photos. I LOVE that swimming pool area! Dreaming…

www.thedecospot.com says:

I love this post! Such a nice mix of retro and modern and the photos are amazing.

Lea says:

Ahh my dream home. Love it all.. Do you know who the photographer was?

Melanie says:

Love the wall behind the tub! And thanks for representing the Tdot!

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