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Posted on Tue, 24 Jul 2007 by KiM

Rosali emailed me the other day with an interesting request:
“Lately, I’ve noticed that beautiful green tufted chairs and sofas have shown up regularly on your site. I’m a big fan of tufted furniture and have several pieces but none green. I think that a post with a grouping of those green tufted pieces would make many people (or at least me) stand back in awe.”
Sounded like a pretty simple request. I think this photo was Rosali’s inspiration:

Finola Inger

I too have a love for tuft, especially since purchasing a lime green tufted bench. It can make furniture that is drab and simple look glamorous. But after looking through TONS of photos, I couldn’t find many green tufted pieces. As a result, I’ve added some photos that have beautiful tufted pieces that are other colours as well.

Judith Miller
Living Etc.
Edward Lobrano
Homes and Gardens
The Rug Company
Muriel Brandolini
Alison Spear
Art Rep Team
Kenneth Brown
Sera of London
Jonathan Adler
The Rug Company

kim. says:

ok – now i REALLY want to take an upholstery course!! I love that brown too eric. actually, I think that would be way easier to decorate with than the green one. A jacket in that brown leather would be cool.

midcenturyjo says:

It’s tuft to pick the one I like the best! All fab!!!

Peggy says:

Li, what a great post, what great customer service on your part. I am not into the tufted sofas, but… and usually I’m not into rugs, but that rug in the Rug Company shot is to die for! I love the yellow screen too! Must work since the room is all white.

I always notice paintings, and I love the one in the Ifi shot. What is that next to the sofa, a clock? Very cute.

kim. says:

Nice use of “tuft” Jo. Got a chuckle out of me. Peggy, come to the tufted side. You’ll see the light. And That clock you speak of I believe was a summer Ikea item a couple of years ago.

katiedid says:

Love your title clever girl! The images are great. 😉

patriciagrayinc.com says:

Great tuft posting!!!

Rosali says:

Yes, Yes, oh God, Yes !! This is what I was talking about! Thank you for brightening my day. 🙂

lottie says:

I’m half way through a part-time 2 year city and guilds in upholstery at london metropolitan university. it is fantastic, but oh, the blisters!

kim. says:

Your welcome Rosali and lottie, i’m sure the blisters will be well worth it!

Ievey says:

Absolutly beautiful! Loving all the colors and designs! So inspiring!

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