An architect’s colourful apartment in Stockholm

Posted on Tue, 12 Jun 2018 by KiM

The Stockholm apartment of architect Daniel Heckscher of demonstrates quite dramatically the power of paint. Formerly a white box in an ugly building from 1988, he brought in a lot of creativity, which included some help from his 2 young children who must absolutely love spending time here. It is such a vibrant and whimsical home, and quite amazing when you think of how it can be transformed into something completely different with just a couple more cans of paint!

atma says:

Oh, I like this! Not all the whimsical colourful ones resonate with me, but this one really works. Hard to tell if the paint is done with a kind of ombre fade or it that’s just the light. Thanks for all the good and varied posts!

Peggy says:

I am smitten. I’d love to move in. This home skillfully shows that color can be used in a modern environment. Then even though the colors are bright, overall the feeling is rather minimal. I’m planning to do an accent wall in my home and I am highly influenced by this wonderful space. So good to see color, I’m so bored of all the neutral spaces we’ve been seeing for several years.

Lorraine says:

I love the tiled walls and I especially love the PINK tiled walls in the entryway. Big smile! Color!

Robert says:

What a gorgeous space! I love how he integrated art in with the variety of colors he used. I want to live here!

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