Studio Duggan’s Edwardian townhouse in Queen’s Park

Posted on Fri, 22 Sep 2017 by KiM

I am totally in love with the home of London interior designer Tiffany Duggan of . Recently renovated, this Edwardian townhouse is filled with an eclectic blend of styles, textures and patterns. Lots of bold art work and wall colour choices make this eclectic home an absolute treasure.

More of Tiffany’s work can be found here.

xavier says:

Love the canopy bed

Holland says:

The bath with those vintage, twin enameled lavs, the footed tub painted green and floating toilet all came together beautifully. And the pale pink Windsor chairs are a sweet counterpoint to the overall Goth-adjacent vibe. Crazy mixes, and they all work.

Bev65 says:

Is that Ikea's new Farlov sofa in the first and second pics? (on the left against the wall in the first)

Dorothy says:

I absolutely love a lot of this. And that's a really interesting photography collection.

msdofb says:

Love the place but really dislike the bath in the bedroom trend. Why?

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