My living room makeover – part 1

Posted on Tue, 11 Oct 2016 by KiM

Last week I shared my dining room makeover here and here, and today I wanted to share my now dark and dramatic living room. I have featured little bits and pieces of it over the past year or so but I never had all the finishing touches done (like trim, and painting out the fireplace tile) until recently. It was finally time to snap some photos and do a little feature on the blog. This is now my favourite room in the house and I am really stoked at the result, even if it will never REALLY be finished because as I mentioned last week, I’m always on the hunt for that “perfect” item. Ok, so here is a before shot:

This photo was taken right after we moved in. Gross taupe walls, even grosser yellow/orange oak floors, mahogany varnished trim and terracotta coloured dirty fireplace tiles.

Everything has been replaced, re-painted or re-stained. The floors, like in the dining room, were stripped and re-stained with Minwax’s Classic Grey. The walls are Farrow & Ball’s with on the ceiling. These 2 colours are incredible and in my top 5 colours of all time. Especially Downpipe – it can look green, yellow, blue, black depending on the amount of light coming in the room.

Sources: The unit next to my desk is vintage Marc Held for Prisunic, manufactured by Flair. Vintage Panton S chair by Vitra. Ikea desk. Artemide Tizio lamp from . Vintage Jieldé wall mount light via eBay. Tall plastic plant stand from by Euro3plast from . Console table legs by . Table top by . Featuring former ferals Bernie and Frankie.

This vase is from a local shop now closed, and used to be a really bad minty green. I spray painted it glossy grey. Funky little dried pineapple flowers from .

Vintage flower frog holding feathers (including an eagle feather from P.E.I.). Original butterfly drawing by .  MAD et LEN candle from  and candle.

Notebook I think from , Hay Denmark pencil from .

Bug ad from a magazine from , my cat tattoo drawing by , embroidered bat by .

Cheap pots from Rona/Home Depot/Lowe’s, small handmade pot by  (le lou ula)

I have 4 of these white plastic pots from Ikea from many years ago and a crazy big aloe.

Lounge chair from . Pillow by . Original painting from a blog reader named Angela from Singapore. Vintage Jieldé purchased from a blog reader. Hanging pot with a fishbone cactus from a shop in Montreal whose name I can’t recall.

Reproduction tulip table from . Ferm Living pot from . Thrifted teal West German vase and Japanese (?) box. Vintage grey vase from a care package sent from Lisa. Swirly pot handmade by .

Here is a photo of my fireplace taken right after we moved in. Boring. Ugly. Those tiles were so terrible.

When the I had tile work done in the foyer and kitchen I also had the tile guy replace the fireplace tile along the front and I painted the tile inside the fireplace with special heat-resistant spray paint. I even had painters tape on hand that was the size of the grout lines to make the tiles stand out a bit more.

I like this MUCH better 🙂

This tile was pretty costly considering I only needed less than 1 box but I really wanted to do a statement tile and these are really fun (and tile selection in this city sucks and it was pretty much the only thing I even remotely liked for this space). They’re a mix of mirrored and cement and other materials that I found at .

Stay tuned for the other half of the room.

Ruth says:

Wow, Li. That project took so much guts and determination! It turned out so nice. Thx for sharing!

Margaret says:

Li I loved the cat portrait in the before pic! Did it not look good in the room after?
I think it would be very dramatic against the dark walls….and that's not to say it doesn't
Look great because it does…

KiM says:

Thanks Ruth and Margaret
Husband and I decided staring at a painting of our deceased cat while chilling in the living room would not be ideal. As much as I think it would look great against the grey walls. It is now part of a gallery wall in our bedroom.

margaret says:

Ah… totally get that..

Anna L says:

Beautiful. I liked your old writing desk, perhaps because I am looking for a small fold out desk myself. The plant stand to the right of the new desk caught my eye and, as someone who struggles to keep houseplants alive, I admire all the plants.

KiM says:

I loved the detail of that desk but it was SOOOOO small and low. Drove me bonkers considering how much time I spend sitting at it.
And I too struggle to keep my plants alive. They may last a few months but they all end up dying in the end. 🙁

Anna L says:

Wow! Just noticed the floor…

ombia says:

Great transition!

c. says:

absolutely beautiful job. Your walls are especially gorgeous and that round rug was the perfect choice. Thank you for sharing your personal space.

Laurent says:

I love what you did with the space, especially the whole desk area with all the frames and art above it! =)

The hanging pot was actually from Galerie CO on St-Laurent street, I live in Montreal, but the shop closed down last winter!

I love reading your updates on your home =)

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