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Posted on Fri, 22 Apr 2016 by midcenturyjo

I’m rounding out the week with another project from French design firm , a rooftop home and garden terrace. The architects modified an off-the-plan house, streamlining, ironing out layout problems, improving functionality and brightness. Then the fun began with interiors by . Eclectic in style, exuberant in taste, fun and fab meets OTT, it is like a magpie collection of trinkets and treasures. Just when you think you cannot take any more there is the garden. Oh the garden. A little piece of paradise on the banks of the Seine.

Photos by Adélaïde Klarwein.

Amazing interior, classic color combination.
Superb Space! I love everything about it. It look so fresh and relaxing.
All of the rooms and spaces looks great.
Thanks for sharing with nice designs.

Jared Hayden says:

I LOVE the eclecticism of the decor. It takes what seems to be a bland, cookie-cutter space and transforms it into a home you'd love to linger in and explore. It's a happy place.

Suzanne Melton says:

Great choices…like the items were collected over years.

First thing I thought when seeing the mirror in the living room: Earth Day!

margaux says:

I saw this apartment in a French TV show – La maison France 5, even nicer in 3 D 😀

Claire says:

Wow! So many cool things to look at. I love the floors and the wall displays. And what's not to love about having a couple of Funhouse mirrors in your home? Love those!

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