Hicks Street carriage house

Posted on Thu, 28 Jan 2016 by KiM

Back in June ’14 Lisa featured the really beautiful Hicks Street townhouse by New York firm . I thought today I would share the Hicks Street carriage house. This totally changes my perspective on what a carriage house is. This ain’t no outbuilding! WHOA! The painted brick, exposed ceiling beams, skylight, and ah mah gawd the kitchen!! What a dream home! (Speaking of dream homes, I’m trying to convert mine into something I can maybe call a dream one day – check out my next post in a few hours. Slowly but surely I’m filling it with things I love.)

Judy says:

I died and when to real estate heaven…………………what's not to love.

Axie says:

A brilliant combination of beauty and comfort installed into gorgeous architecture- love it!

Jared Hayden says:

That home is S T U N N I N G! And it's in Brooklyn Heights? The place must be worth a gazillion dollars.

Axie says:

Oddly enough, I came back to drool again, and felt I had to say that… 🙂

Sandra says:

Absolutely gorgeous! Wish-wish-wish!

ombia says:

Not my style at all, but such a stunning place! I would love to cook with friends in that kitchen! Heaven for socializing. I don't even need to be involved. I couuld just sit in that red corner with my coctail and monitore everything.
Ant thta cozy bathroom. Could sit in the corner, read and do my nails.

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