Bridging Boyd

Posted on Fri, 26 Jun 2015 by midcenturyjo

renovation and reinterpretation of Robin Boyd’s 1954 Richardson House is a triumph. The original house was literally built as a bridge to resolve site difficulties by spanning a dry creek bed that ran through the lot. The Melbourne-based studio’s additions address the iconic shape, extrapolating Boyd’s exploration of geometry with circles and tangents. The new glances the old, meets, embraces, pulls away all the time celebrating the interplay of house and landscape.

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Pauline says:

cool !

Anne says:

Stunning – incredible work on such an iconic building. A very brave and visionary design, as was the original house.

tyson says:

While it all looks lovely, I don't think filling in underneath was the best thing to do for this gorgeous house. It was gorgeous because it was a bridge. Now it's just a house.

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