Rocking chair love

Posted on Tue, 29 Apr 2014 by KiM

A few weeks ago when hubby and I were antiquing in small town Ontario, I spotted an old wooden rocking chair outside of a shop right where we parked our car. Each time we brought a load of treasures to the car (there were a few), I caught myself checking out the chair. It was really nothing special, and had some gawd awful floral design along the top piece that would have needed painting over (no biggie). The chair was already painted black so it seemed perfect for me from the get-go. And I did not buy it. I have no room in my home for new furniture unless I clean out my basement (a very daunting task). But it would have looked really sweet on my front porch (if my husband doesn’t end up making me the L-shaped bench I have been hinting at). I regret not buying it – and I think it was only $35. AGH!! Since then I have been thinking about rocking chairs so I decided to do a post all about this style of chair. Rockin’ out! 🙂


jane says:

wonderful post! i love the variety on display here…so many too love.

Ingvild says:

I fell in love with Wegners rocking chair (J16) in 1984. I was 10 years old. This week I finally bought it. It took 30 years, but now it's mine, hurray! Thanks for a great blog.

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