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Arsenal B47

Posted on Fri, 20 Sep 2013 by KiM

A couple of weeks ago I featured Swiss architect Ralph Germann…but it turns out I used some photos I shouldn’t have. OOPS! I was kindly sent lots of juicy photos of 2 projects I am allowed to feature (thanks Ralph and Christiane!), so here is one of them. I LOVE this home because it has the “modern cabin” vibe I desperately want for my new house.

Arsenal B47The owner of the arsenal wanted to convert this former Swiss army building, constructed during the Second World War, into a habitable space. Ralph Germann’s transformation involved inserting a glass cube into the old structure, an option which meant he didn’t have to touch the patina of the walls, and was able to preserve the roof and some historic details such as the “charge maximum 1500 kg au m2”[maximum load 1500 kg/m2] sign on the wall. Whilst wishing to preserve this testimony to the past, the architect retained only simple materials – noble and solid – including larch, slate, glass and metal. And by interpreting them using clean, pure lines, he has given the chalet a timeless feel. To avoid sliding into an atmosphere of austerity, Ralph Germann has added an unexpected touch of colour behind the cloakroom door: a bold shade of fuchsia. This design, functional above all else, places the emphasis on light and space. To achieve the second, the architect has designed another cube – but in wood this time. Set within the heart of the glass structure, it houses the WCs, cupboards, and even the bed, which folds up when not in use. This optimizes space in this area, which measures only 49 m2.

(Furniture and interior design: Ralph Germann. Photography: Lionel Henriod. Photo stylist: Patricia Schmid.)

Philippe Choplin (of Le Loft Interior Decoration) is a Parisian about to become a resident of New York and pursue his career as an interior designer (after 25+ years in IT). He sent us photos of his remodelled townhouse in Paris, where an industrial New York loft was his inspiration. Fellow readers, if you’ve got a male significant other in your life who is all about masculine decor where industrial touches are abundant, grab them now and have them take a peek at this. Philippe’s home is about as masculine and industrial as you can get (I’d just lose the tablecloth on the dining table). Here’s a bit of info on this pretty cool guy’s pad, including details of Philippe’s amazing vintage finds. 
This project was realized by an architect (Philippe Ponceblanc) and a soon-to-be Interior Designer (Philippe Choplin). Philippe Choplin custom-designed 2 light fixtures using American telegraph pole isolators. Below is an abstract list of the decorative objects serving the decoration:
– a 1920s Cutler Mail System from a hotel in Knoxville, TN equipped with 6 stories of “chute”
– a 1960s Marvy barber pole
– 30+ American car door handles from the 1950s
– never-used 1950s bakelite switches
– a metal & glass office door which was transformed into a sliding door
– NYC subway grab handles from the 60s
– a Duncan-Miller parking meter from the 40s
The kitchen is by Leicht and Siemens.
Le Loft Interior Decoration will bring French style to American homes and US Industrial style to French houses. It will focus on using the latest technology and appliance, but realizing decoration that have the soul of vintage and reclaim. 





Light, bright, white

Posted on Fri, 20 Sep 2013 by midcenturyjo

Those three words are synonymous with one style. Scandi style. I’m stalking a lovely light home in Skåne region of Sweden. The house is from the late 1800s, lovingly brought into the present. Simple and stylish. A pretty home set amongst pear trees behind white garden walls. What do I love most? It must be heaven to sit under pear blossom. Heaven. But when I tire of that there are always those amazing grey Douglas fir floors. More here.


Getting ideas from real estate

Posted on Fri, 20 Sep 2013 by midcenturyjo

Not real estate stalking. Real estate offices. Inspiration comes from all around us. Great ideas for your home can be found at your favourite restaurant, that cool new shop in the high street or even an office space. Ideas translate and before you know it commercial inspires domestic. Earthy, textural, modern and urban. By Melbourne based interior designers Eades & Bergman.

Jimmy Schönning favourites

Posted on Thu, 19 Sep 2013 by KiM

As promised, here are some of my favourite spaces from Jimmy Schönning‘s portfolio.

I love everything about this kitchen – the colour scheme, the black tiles, the massive vintage light fixture, the table and bench, the fun DIY dining space lighting, the massive knob on the fridge…the only problem is I would lose my sh*t over trying to keep everything clean with all that open storage.

I love huge decks. LOVE. The table is amazing. I want my next house to have a black exterior. And the number on the door is graphic and cool.

Everyone has had these ugly/boring mirrored sliding closets in at least one place they’ve lived…what a simple and effective way to de-gross them.

Beautiful colours and rustic vibe. I love burlap/linen fabrics. Especially when wrinkled.