Cube House

Posted on Tue, 4 Jun 2013 by KiM

Sometimes less is more. In this case it’s not less house, but less detail. This is the Cube House by Marcio Kogan of . Amidst the lush grennery at the edge of the city sits this cube, and it needs no more. Indoor/outdoor living to take advantage of the views, the pool, the property. Less is definitively more. (P.S. More projects by StudioMK27 here and here)

What stunning modernity! I especially love the contemporary pieces that are smaller but impactful—like the pendant lights and the white chairs, which provide a great contrast against the wood table. What material is that brown column in the room with the purple couch?

Ruth says:

It really reminds me of what architecture schools look like…the one's I have visited in the U.S.. I asked my husband why the schools are so minimal with no built in "beauty", just a big block of concrete. He said because the students shouldn't feel influenced by the design of their surroundings while they develop their talents. I think Studio MK27 felt nostalgic for those good ol' student days!

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