Mr and Mrs Charlie

Posted on Wed, 8 May 2013 by midcenturyjo

Welcome to the wonderland home of . , an artist working in Austin and Sydney  and Melissa Ninham creator and maker, weaver of wire and rope and dreams. Together they create and explore. This is a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of creating beauty, an expression and a statement. I love it. I wish I could live like this. (At least for a few days…. I think that is all I’d be brave enough to do.) Finding beauty in the old, the odd, the found, the discarded. You can see more on their and their .

peggy says:

Thanks for helping me with a rather persistent bout of insomnia – i find each pic compelling as art but would have trouble living in any of them. I particularly love the funky bird cages.

I LOVE it. This is comforting and soothing. I feel a home. Surrounded by so many little treasures there is peace and purpose in the chaos. I know I may be one of the few (or the only) but I would move in tomorrow.

sarah says:

loved this post. Feels like my grandfather's barn, where he collected all the bits others discarded. Dusty, moody, intriguing. So much to explore.

oh holland says:

Under the rubric "wabi sabi," there's a lot of decor that is really just shabby, dark, cluttered and probably none too clean. Case in point.

Ve101 says:

Not for me at all. I have a really hard time with the shabby look. The freak in me wants to paint the table, put up a nice crisp curtain instead of a wrinkled one, etc. Absolutely no broken piece of wood to hang stuff on, it just looks 'broken' to me.

The cluttered, worn, shabby look just makes me uncomfortable in a highly weird way. LOL

Aggiewolf says:

So inspired right now!! Thank you. This is style you can't go out and buy.

Jacqueline says:

Fantastic love the rooms

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