Charles Mellersh

Posted on Mon, 8 Apr 2013 by midcenturyjo

Contemporary and custom combined with vintage and one off. Beautifully layered modern rooms with personality and wonderful detail. Calm and elegant, sophisticated and restrained but warm and inviting. Quite a feat to get just right and interior designer Charles Mellersh has the balance just right.

alina tran says:

I love this apartment!

Marta says:

Lovely apartment! Lovely bedroom!

Beth Dillard says:

Love, Love , Love his sense of chic design!!

WyGal says:

I'm in on this one too 🙂 Great for this Monday!

Simple Things Furniture Co. says:

Beautiful! Especially love the bedroom and bathroom.

life is a shoe says:

love this! simple and chic

oh holland says:

Charles is my taste-twin. His style mirrors mine (or at least, the style I aspire to -!)

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