An artist, some architects, a designer and a hotel

Posted on Mon, 24 Sep 2012 by midcenturyjo

What do these have in common? A photographer. More than a photographer, a genius with half light and shadows, a magician at capturing mood and modern intimacy. Elegant Swedish spaces without being bright, white and overexposed. Grown up, sophisticated and calm. The photographer is . The first apartment is that of illustrator , designed by (and just to be complete the shoot was styled by ). After the jump another design leader and more rich and moody Swedish rooms.

The boutique hotel designed by and photographed by our common thread in this post, . The air is heavy with afternoon light slanting through the drapes, the rooms rich and redolent with luxurious layering.

That polar bear vase is slightly unsettling but so cool!

cath w says:

I really need one of those polar bears. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

I was thinking the same about the polar bear. Interesting choice of furniture though.

Julie says:

This just makes me want to purge and start all over! Argh!

The terrific vase is not actually intended to be a vase, although it is fantasticly surreal as one. It is by Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure of a Polar Bear, 20th century, the bear modeled roaring, raised up on his haunches, ht. 13 in. About $400-$500 USD. Hope this helps!

cath w says:

Thank you!!!!

Emmanuelle C. says:

FANTASTIC POST! I love the colors, textures and serenity coming from these pictures but mostly the clever input of stuffed animals in such a graceful manner. Definitely in my top 5 posts list. Thank you!

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